Viking ownership

Awake your warrior spirit

in 100 days

You have a great life, on paper...

A well-paid job, a house (or two), a relationship, a great social life.

And you know that there’s something missing.

But because you are constantly busy, you don’t have time to think about what that is. 


A lack of focus, missing your true purpose and a lot of questions about your future. Living under the constant pressure of working hard, taking care over your friends and loved ones what means that you constantly live in your head. You almost burned-out. 

One reassurance: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. 


Research had found out that 89% of the workers had experienced burnout and a lack of motivation the past year. 

How was your past year? Did you experienced burnout or lack of motivation? Maybe it’s because you aren’t doing what you really want to do. 


So, how do we face this problem? 

Simple. By decluttering your (digital) environment! By developing a consistent practice! By taking control over your day-design. 

And how do we do that? With Viking Ownership. 100 days. Together and solo. 

Do you recognize this?

Is it confronting to read all of the above bulletpoints? Don’t worry. A lot of people live like this. And I was also one of them. But, this is not a healthy way of becoming. This is bad for your soul. Time to make the difference. Time to take ownership over your life. With an ancient approach, based on the lifestyle of the Vikings.  

How would it be if:

Is it confronting to read all of the above bulletpoints? Don’t worry. A lot of people live like this. And I was also one of them. But, this is not a healthy way of becoming. This is bad for your soul. Time to make the difference. Time to take ownership over your life. With an ancient approach, based on the lifestyle of the Vikings.  

What can we learn from the vikings?

There will always be moments where you will be confronted with challenges. Your strength, perseverance and adaptability are challenged regularly. At home, during work, during a practice: Everywhere!

The Vikings had these challenges aplenty: de battle against the cold winters in Scandinavia, exploring thousands of kilometers of new areas or the multiple wars that they fought without mercy: The Vikings always stepped out of their comfort zone. And that is exactly what we miss in the Modern World.

The Vikings fought until the bitter end.  Being killed during combat went that you were going to Valhalla: The highest honor that you can receive. Nowawadays we don’t fight like that anymore, but the Vikings never gave up. And that’s why they were hardly defeated. 

By entering the battlefield with this relentless approach, they had the power to maximize their potential. And these values were passed through on the next generations. They embraced their mortality. 

And that is what they made them legendary.

The solution

A Viking was extremely self-confident on the battlefield. And that’s because of his practice: He practiced daily and consistent, he spend a lot of time in nature and he was being carried by his brothers. And most of all: he was not afraid to die. 

The modern human lives too much inside, has a lot of physical and mental complaints and they anxiously hope that they will live long. It’s time to bring the ancient Viking back to the modern world. 


By exposing ourselves to resistance regularly we become more happy: your discipline and self-confidence will grow and you will step out of your comfort zone more easily. During this program you will work on your morning- and evening rituals, decluttering your environment and we will explore your Dark Side. 

You are going to live a live based on your own rules, just as the Vikings did. 


The modules

1. Practice

We will develop a personalized morning practice. For more discipline and focus, and for more stillness. All to gain a healthy masculine approach to your day.

2. Digital decluttering

Your external environment is your internal environment. By a step-by-step process on how to declutter your external environment you will experience the beautyness of having a non-stimulating life. 

3. Nature

We will develop a personalized morning practice. For more discipline and focus, and for more stillness. All to gain a healthy masculine approach to your day.

4. Health

We are going to deep dive into your health to see where we can improve your lifestyle. We make a new blueprint for your health so you will have more energy, be more productive and happy. 

5. deprogramming

The most important part for personal growth is vulnerability. By exploring your limiting thoughts and behaviors we can change them. By deprogramming your brain you can change your thoughts and manifest your wants. 

6. Deep work

This is where we do the real work. How do we become 300% more productive? By working on our discipline-muscle with some excersises you will get rid of distractions and you have clear focus.

7. Stillness

How to remain centered in a busy environment? You will learn to become still, regain new strength and become that rock. Believe me, you will inspire others with this. 

8-10. Secret

There will be some challenging modules at the end of the course. Be aware: we will enter your Dark Side. 

Optional: a retreat

To finish the 100 days we will do a retreat where we will intensify our practices. This will be a live-event somewhere in Europe. 

Je hebt een prima leven en een leuk salaris, maar toch knaagt er iets. Stiekem weet je wel dat dit het niet is, maar je vindt het lastig om die stap te wagen. Je weet dat je die warrior-spirit in je hebt, maar je vreest de angst dat je verliest wat je hebt opgebouwd. Tijd om daar mee af te rekenen.

Ik kan je niet helpen als:

Ik kan je wel helpen als:

Geef me de eerste 60 minuten van je dag en ik beloof je dat je leven overzichtelijker gaat worden. 

Eén belofte: Het wordt geen makkelijk traject, maar je leven wordt wél makkelijker.

Wat vraag ik van jou?

Maximaal 5 studenten

Tijdens dit traject leer je leven met aandacht. Daarin ben ik het leidend voorbeeld. Veel coaches werken met 15 studenten tegelijkertijd waardoor je niet de aandacht krijgt die je nodig hebt. Ik werk gedurende 100 dagen met maximaal 5 studenten tegelijk. Je kunt dus rekenen op mijn volledige toewijding. 

What do you get?

Personalized journal

This is the secret weapon of the program. A digital journal, personalized to your routines and commitments you want to work on.

A tribe with brothers and sisters

You are not alone in this. Together with the tribe we build a healthy way of sharing our struggles.

10 modules with homework

Average workload: 1,5h per week

20+ apps & tools to simplify your life.

Smartphone are distracting. Together we will redesign you digital environment so that you remain sharp and focused, but you can also relax and enjoy your Instagram-timeline. I will be you personal smartphone trainer. 

Personalized practice recordings

You are not as everyone. You have your own progression. We will develop personalized practice recordings so you can progress fast. 

Bi-weekly 1-on-1 call

I have my full attention for you. Besides the 1-on-1 call I will give you text and voice-support.

Weekly group check-in

Every week we have a Zoom call. We do a practice together. We evaluate the week and make new appointments for the week ahead. 


I’m here to serve you. Your progress is my fuel. I will guide you to new beautiful depths of life. As I’m not taking more than 5 students at the same time, I have your full attention. 

Who is Tibor Tijmen?

Born and raised in the North of the Netherlands, I was very good at surpressing my true self. Act ‘normally’, and don’t stand out, was the motto there. 

And so did I: I didn’t want to stand out, just make career, buy a house, search for a girlfriend and have kids. 

I worked 80 hours a week: Always available for clients, working on multiple business concepts at the same time without feeling that I was contributing something to the world. 

Result: My Dark Side took control over me. I surpressed my anger and sadness, felt lonely and burned-out.  I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I made the decision: I searched for guidance and took ownership.


The past two years I invested more than 30k in retreats and coaching to see my Dark Side straight in the eyes.

I needed a tribe where I could be vulnerable and share my struggles and ambitions. Where I could openly be myself. 

And boy, what have I found that: with my own tribe and the guidance of my teachers I took control over my Dark Side which I now use for good purposes. My teachers gave me permission to bring out the Viking-warrior in me. I uncaged myself… Came out to play.  

My life has changed drastically. I’m free from debts, I’ve lost 10kgs of fat and reduced my working hours to 30 hours a week. I became more than 300% more productive, I am more patient and I can easily switch between hyperfocus and relaxation. 


I know the intensity of the corporate world: before I started coaching I had an 8-year career as a digital freelancer. I know the demands of your world. Besides that I’m an Crossfit and Breathwork instructor. I know the depths of the corporate and the spiritual world: a good combination of hard & gentle. 

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It’s good to have basic experience when starting with this program

Absolutely! As a parent it’s important to not forget yourself. That’s why regularly check-in on your own space are soooo important. I will help you define your practices fitting to your lifestyle. 

Definitely not. This is a digital program. We might have some live sessions, but we will discuss this together. 

Ready to enter the battlefield?

100 days. A tribe with like-minded. 10 modules. 1-op-1 attention. 100% connection. Guaranteed transformation. 

Remote (& optionally live) 
January 2023
June 2023
Amount of students:
Maximum 5
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